Australia Day Essentials

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One Australia Day, many, many years ago, my friends and I had the genius idea of making our outfits for that evening’s ‘Skyshow’ out of the Australia flag. (I know, I know, GENIUS!) Unfortunately as it was a public holiday we had no way of buying a flag so a brainstorming session to make our outfit dreams a reality ensued. After a good few hours (and plenty of dismissed ideas) one of us suggested the souvenir shop at the Airport… BINGO!! (My memory is a little sketchy here but I’m pretty sure I can take credit for this one!!) A 30 min drive and a few safety pins later and we were ready to go!!

As the years go by I realise just how unoriginal and predictable this idea was (even though at the time I clearly thought it was the best idea ever!) In an effort to avoid thousands of ‘Australia flag’ outfits this Australia Day, and inspire a bit of creativity for the nation’s day of celebration, I have put together a list of Aussie Day outfit essentials.

What do you think? What will you be wearing this Aussie Day?

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The Edit: Leather

Leather Love

7. French connection dress

As the weather cools down the need for a cosy, winter wardrobe heats up! One of my ultimate must haves for this Winter is Leather, and I’m not talking just the traditional leather jacket here either.. Leather everything is on my list this season! Skirts, dresses, tracksuit pants(!) you name it and I can guarantee leather is all over it.
And now for the best bit of all, not only will you look amazing in the latest leather looks, you will also be super warm.. whoa, practical and fashionable. Almost unbelievable!

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