Kris Kringle Gift Ideas for Her


Well that escalated quickly… Christmas is in less than one week. LESS THAN ONE WEEK people! Honestly I can not believe it and because I am still in denial, I am totally and utterly not ready! Eeeeek! *Cue mad shopping rush until the big day.

One of my favourite gifts to buy though, and the one that I have already got sorted, is my kris kringle gift for my girlfriends. We generally set a limit of around $10-$20 and then all purchase a cute gift for a female. Then when we get together for dinner and drinks before Christmas we have so much fun selecting and swapping gifts from the pile! Even though 9 times out of 10, the gift we receive is perfectly suited to each of us! (So generally no gift stealing required!)

I have put together a collection of gifts below starting at just $5 that your best girls (or even you!) will love to receive… Aaand now it’s time to head to the shops for me.. wish me luck!



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