Flower Power

Keepsake the Label, Floral, Matching, Outfit, Flower Singlet, Botanic Pattern

(Singlet – Keepsake the Label, Shorts – Zara, Watch – Michael Kors)

Floral with floral, the perfect Summer combination if you ask me! I have been enjoying the gorgeous sunny days we have been experiencing here in Perth lately and it’s safe to say that Summer is by far my favourite month. Not only because I love a good floral print, but also because of the endless sunshine and happiness that the Summer months seem to bring!
However in saying all of that, after being bombarded with NYFW street style pics these last few days, I kind of wish the weather was a little cooler (oh gosh, I can’t believe I just said that!!)
The images of fashion lovers wearing the most amazing coats, leather, furs and boots almost makes me wish it was 4 degrees outside. (I may regret those words come July!!)

So, thanks to NYFW it seems that the impending cooler months might not be so bad after all!

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