Bali Photo Diary



Throwback to that time three months ago when I was holidaying in Bali. Yes, it has taken me that long to get these photos up on the blog and yes it is all but a distant memory!!

Being one of  the closest tropical islands to Perth, Bali is the go-to holiday destination for us Aussies. It is actually closer (and cheaper) to fly to Bali than to head over to the east coast of Australia which is why holidays to Bali are so frequent on this side of the globe. 

But honestly, how can you blame us?? With those beautiful palm trees, breathtaking tropical sunsets and scrumptious eateries Bali is the ultimate quick holiday destination, oh and not to mention the endless lazy days by the pool… perfection! 

Time to start planning the next one I’d say..


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Wedding Blues

(Dress – Finders Keepers, Wedges – Betts, Headpiece – Sportsgirl)

A wedding in a tropical location calls for a light, bright, breezy outfit and flowers, somewhere. I managed to tick all those boxes with this little ensemble I put together for a friends wedding in Bali last week. 
The wedding was held at a private villa in Tabanan. It was a little far from the main tourist areas but the countryside and ocean views surrounding the villa were the ideal backdrop for such a romantic occasion. It was a gorgeous affair and the most perfect way to end our holiday. (Although having to leave for the airport at 6am the next day, to make our flight home was probably not the greatest of ideas.)
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India ’13

Ok, that’s it… Holiday mode is officially over! I have finally snapped out of it and as promised here is my photo diary from our recent trip to India.
As you can see, most of our time was spent hanging by the beach! Being the first trip overseas with our little one, we chose not to be too crazy and adventurous. We pretty much stayed at Kovalam Beach the whole trip with a quick stopover at Varkala (also a beach location!!) for a few nights on the way down. It was so great just to chill out, eat indian food, and of course enjoy plenty of cocktails! 
The thought of travelling to a third world country with an eight month old was very nerve wracking in the lead up to the trip, so we made an effort to plan ahead as much as possible. I think having been to India a few times already meant that we knew what to expect so could plan accordingly. Luckily for us everybody stayed safe and well and we had a nice, relaxing holiday. 
For anyone planning to travel to India or somewhere similar with a baby, I thought I would share with you some of my tips for an enjoyable holiday:
– Take a kettle with you (or buy one there).  
– Stay in accommodation with kitchen facilities. (I have never loved a microwave so much in my life!!)
– Anti bacterial baby wipes (these were the best thing ever).
– Snap lock bags for everything from food to bottles to dirty bibs etc.
– Milton tablets for sterilising when there is no microwave or stove.
– Breast feed if possible. 
– Mosquito nets for the cot and pram.
– Baby harness for car travel.
– Lots of sunscreen and sun cover.
 And most important of all.. enjoy yourself!! If you are careful and plan ahead there is no need to be anxious.
What are your top tips for travelling with a baby??

India Wedding

As we get ready to head off on our annual India holiday, I thought I would flashback to our Indian wedding ceremony in 2009.
We headed to India with 12 of our friends and family and travelled through India together, ending the holiday in Kovalam, Kerala where our wedding ceremony was held. The extreme highs (cruising around Allepey in a houseboat ) and extreme lows (the realisation that the return trip from Delhi to Agra by car took over 10 hours.. which we stupidly did on the same day) made this trip the most memorable yet!

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