Swap it

(Top – Vintage, Pants – Vintage, Bag – Vintage)

I am going to let you in on a little secret… One of my favourite places to search for vintage treasure, whether it be for the store or for my own personal collection, is a swap mart. There is always some hidden treasure to be found. This entire outfit is made up of items I found at the Karrinyup Swap Mart last Sunday. It cost me less than $35.00!!! Wowzer!! I hit the jackpot with an older lady selling her clothing for 50 cents a pop!!
So, I guess the secret is out… You’re welcome!!
Oh and make sure you get down there early. The Karrinyup Swap Mart starts at 7:30am and that is definitely the best time to snap up the bargains!
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Restyle Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 2 POLKA DOT

DAY 2 Polka Dots
   (Pants – Save the Children $7.00, Belt – Op shop, Top – Sportsgirl, Hat – Sportsgirl)
Who doesn’t love a good Polka Dot?? It is definitely one of my favourite patterns. So classic and always stylish. 
I have to say I stepped a little out of my comfort zone with these pants. (Not with the polka dot aspect but with the wide leggedness!!) They are not something I would usually wear, being such a shorty, but I thought Restyle was the perfect time to experiment with new styles and try different things. What do you think? 

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Restyle Photo-a-Day Challenge: Day 1 PINK

DAY 1 Pink
   (Skirt- Op shop, Top – Op shop, Belt – Op Shop, Necklace – Op shop )
And we’re off… Restyle has begun!!
I couldn’t think of a better way to start this challenge, than with a delicious, girly, pink outfit. I must admit, as much as I love the colour pink I actually do not wear a lot of it, so I was quite happy with today’s prompt as it gave me very good reason to buy some pink clothing.
Don’t forget to join in the fun and post your daily opshopped outfit to instagram, facebook or twitter using the hashtag #restyle2013. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!! 

Hope you enjoy my first look and make sure you check back daily because there is plenty more to come. (30 more to be exact!!)
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Restyle: Behind The Scenes

As the month of August (official Restyle month!) dawns upon us (one more sleep!), I thought I would share a behind the scenes look at the making of the Restyle campaign. 
Me and the 6 other Restyle bloggers met bright and early on shoot day to be primped and preened and fussed over by some seriously talented people! The lovely ladies from Lauren Wood  Makeup looked after our faces while the gorgeous girls from Renos on St Quentin for L’Oreal Professionnel  tended to our tresses. We then headed to the ‘change room’ where we all had a turn at playing dress ups with super stylist Emily Howlett and her team. Finally we pranced and twirled in front of the camera (with giant glitter letters!!) while Penny Lane did an amazing job capturing all the action! 
A special thanks to the the Restyle Project Manager Renee from Perth Fashion Festival who is the creative brain behind the whole operation and who did a fantastic job organising everything and making sure it all went smoothly!!
Check out the Perth Fashion Festival Restyle website for a look at the campaign images and even a video teaser from the day!
See you back here bright and early tomorrow morning for the first Restyle post! Eeeeeee!! 

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(Jeans – ZARA, Shoes – Dotti, Top – Ally Fashion, Blazer – Vintage, Bag – Vintage)
Just a quick post to show my super casual outfit from Saturday’s blogger meet up (I know, I know, I’m not wearing heels… G.A.S.P!!!) Very out of character for me, but I’m blaming the fact that I had to wake up before 7am (on a Saturday!) to get to work and my brain was not capable of coming up with anything too exciting!! 
P.S. Restyle starts in ONE week!! I hope you are all getting your op shopped outfits ready to take on the challenge.
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Times Square Claremont Blogger Event


On Saturday I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of Perth bloggers for a gorgeous afternoon of fashion and food at one of WA’s fashion hot spots, Times Square Claremont
We met at Lemon Espresso, where the lovely ladies provided us with a winning caffeine and sugar combo that gave us all the energy we needed to head off on a tour of the boutiques along Avion way, which include some of WA’s best fashion designers, such as Poppy Lissiman, Ae’lkemi and Tarvydas.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon and special thanks to Nikola for organising another great event and providing us the opportunity to catch up/shop/take sneaky outfit photos of each other!!
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Wedding Blues

(Dress – Finders Keepers, Wedges – Betts, Headpiece – Sportsgirl)

A wedding in a tropical location calls for a light, bright, breezy outfit and flowers, somewhere. I managed to tick all those boxes with this little ensemble I put together for a friends wedding in Bali last week. 
The wedding was held at a private villa in Tabanan. It was a little far from the main tourist areas but the countryside and ocean views surrounding the villa were the ideal backdrop for such a romantic occasion. It was a gorgeous affair and the most perfect way to end our holiday. (Although having to leave for the airport at 6am the next day, to make our flight home was probably not the greatest of ideas.)
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Restyle Photo-a-Day List

photo.a.day.list (1)
The 2013 Restyle Photo-a-Day Opshop Challenge daily prompts have been announced! Yay!! This means you can start planning and preparing your daily outfits ahead of the challenge. The challenge will take place throughout the month of August and to participate all you need to do is take a photo of yourself wearing an opshopped piece using the above prompts for inspiration. Upload it to any social media using the hashtag #restyle2013 and Bob’s your uncle…You are restyling!
I thought I would share with you some of my favourite prompts to hopefully provide some inspiration for you to play along at home.

4. Mixed Prints – My favourite words. Go crazy combining some prints, patterns or logos that you may not normally put together! 

8. Scarf – Not just for around your neck. Mix it up, wear it as a belt, a headband, an armband.. the (scarf) world is your oyster. 

21. Statement – Ooo this ones a goodie!! Think bold, bright, big, don’t hold back the more obvious the better, that’s what a statement is all about. 

Less than a month to go!! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Bring on August!!
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   (Pants- H and M, Top – Ally Fashion, Jacket – Bardot, Watch – Michael Kors)
Aren’t clouds amazing? There is just something about them that really fascinates me. No matter what they are doing, I am in awe. White, fluffy ones in a bright blue sky, pink, glowing ones next to a setting sun, you name it, I love it. The clouds in these photos were the perfect backdrop for this open landscape. They were dark and gloomy with a hint of a glow from the setting Sun’s reflection.
Ok, well I’ve just snapped out of it and realised I have written a whole blog post about clouds.. so, um yeah.. I think that’s enough cloud talk for one night. Cloud Addicts Anonymous is clearly calling my name.
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Pink Lemonade

Can you believe my little girl is one already?!! It is so unbelievable to think that just one short year ago we didn’t have her in our lives!
We threw a ‘Pink Lemonade’ themed first birthday party last weekend to celebrate. Crazily, I had enough time before the guests arrived to snap some photos of the set up. (There’s another first!) Party planning is so much fun but also incredibly stressful… luckily first birthdays only happen once right?? 
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