How I Got My Abs Back After a Baby – My Emsculpt Review

My EMSCULPT experience…

Growing a baby in your belly is one of the most incredible things the female body can do. But let’s be real here.. it definitely takes it’s toll on your body!
While I was pregnant with my second child, I honestly thought I would never see my abs again. Even though I wasn’t exactly happy about it, I had come to terms with that fact, and packed up my crop tops and bid my abs farewell around the end of the first trimester! 

When I was offered to trial the EMSCULPT treatment at Mira Clinic, around 7 months after giving birth, I have to admit I was a little sceptical at first. A machine that promises an intense ab workout while you lie there doing absolutely nothing!! Too good to be true, right?! Wrong! After meeting with Dr Andrew at Mira Clinic, who gave me a full rundown of the science behind the treatment and how it works, I was super keen to give it a go!

Ok so Firstly, What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is the very latest, non-invasive body contouring treatment that builds muscle while also breaking down fat. It uses electromagnetic force to induce extremely strong contractions of the muscles, ones that not even exercise can create. Therefore the muscle is not only being toned but strengthened too. The treatment is ideal for people who already lead an active lifestyle but just need that extra help to target those stubborn areas.

My Emsculpt Experience:

To start the treatment, my abdominal area was hooked up to a paddle that submits pulses directly into the muscle.
When the treatment first started, I was actually laughing.. it was a very weird feeling to begin with! Think of your abs contracting extremely hard for a few seconds and you having no control over it, at all. The contractions were quite strong and lasted a second or two each time, then after five minutes or so they changed to a tapping rhythm to break down the lactic acid build up. Which again, lasted a few minutes, then back to the stronger contractions. The cycle repeats until the 30 minute treatment is up. Once you get used to the sensation then the 30 minutes goes by super quick. I found that by focusing on something else and not thinking about the contractions made them seem less intense. I ended up having four treatments in total, which is the recommendation for best results.

The Results:

Before the treatment:

After the treatment:

I have definitely noticed more defined abs since the treatment. In fact my abs are the most defined they have ever been and I am honestly so happy with the results.  Aside from the physical appearance, other benefits from the treatment include better posture and stronger core strength which leads to less back pain and greater overall strength. I can now do my regular ab exercises but feel stronger and have greater stamina due to the built up muscle. Oh and, this Mumma has been back rocking crop tops all Summer long! 

EMSCULPT treatment is available at:
Mira Clinic
45 Havelock street,
West Perth 6005 

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  1. Jenelle February 2, 2020

    Oh my gosh Em, you are looking amazing!! Sooooo toned!! Wow, it sounds like a weird but clever treatment. I’d be nervous but still, if it helps that’s awesome. It feels so good to be stronger and have that improvement in posture. I’ve been working out everyday for about four weeks and I’m not looking this toned!
    xx Jenelle |

  2. Jessica February 6, 2020

    Wow, you look amazing dear! So toned and strong!
    Jessica |

  3. Jessi Malay February 25, 2020

    wow you look AMAZING babe!! Thanks for sharing an honest review!

    XO, Jessi

  4. merel March 17, 2020

    Your body looks so incredible!

    X Merel


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