Trend to Try: Neon Fashion

 Get on board this season’s hottest colour trend…

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Ego Shoes Neon Heels 
Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag

Ok hands up who took one look at the neon fashion trend and thought… Nope. Not for me! I admit, I was definitely like helllll no when it first started popping up on the radar, it just reminded me way too much of bad 80’s fashion. However, like a good wine, I feel like the trend has gotten better with time. Still though, I doubt you’d ever catch me rocking a head to toe neon look.. but subtle pops of neon can be an oh-so-chic way to add a little sass to any outfit!


Neon fashion: How to wear it and where to buy it.

If you are only wanting to cautiously dip your toe in the world of neon (I hear ya!), then accessories are a good place to start! Add in a neon heel to a simple jeans and a nice top look, or freshen up your everyday white kicks with some neon details. A cute mini neon bag is another fun way to add a little bit of neon to your look, or add a neon belt to an all black outfit to make it pop!



Add some neon layers. Grab a neon crop or singlet and layer it under a blazer or denim jacket. Go for a high neck style and button up your blazer over the top, or have a hint of neon lace peeking through with a hot pink bodysuit under a denim jacket.



Or hey, if you are a fully fledged neon lover, go all out with a bold statement look. A lime green blazer dress with sock boots for a night out, or a sleek matching neon suit.. actually a hot pink neon suit is on my wishlist, I’m just not sure I would ever have an occasion to wear it!



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  1. Jenelle August 22, 2019

    I definitely don’t think it’s for me but I did later realise that a bag I ordered is borderline neon pink so there you go! I’ve been liking them with neutrals. It’s a different take. How cool are your jeans?!! Love!
    xx Jenelle |

  2. Mica September 4, 2019

    What fun neon shoes! I have a few neon scarves and a much-loved neon bag, I like that it’s trending again, gives me even more excuses to wear them, haha! 🙂

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂


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