A Round Up Of All My Pregnancy Outfits


Over 30 pregnancy outfits, plus tips on how to style the bump..

Pregnancy-outfit-bump-style-maternity-fashionPregnancy-outfit-bump-style-maternity-fashion pregnancy-outfit-maternity-style-bump-fashion

Oh my goodness.. what a crazy couple of months I have had (and by crazy I mean staying at home in my pjs, spending my days covered in baby vomit and soaking up all the baby snuggles.. CRAZY, I tell ya!)
This post has actually been sitting in drafts for over four months and I am so excited to finally be able to finish it. Granted, I am typing in the dark while baby Zi sleeps on me but regardless, I am getting it done. I had great intentions of continuing a somewhat regular blogging schedule after I had my bubba, but he had other ideas for me, as babies often do!


Even though I did a few bump-style posts over the course of my pregnancy, I thought I would gather up all of my pregnancy outfits and put them in one post to hopefully help other expectant mummas out there, because honestly dressing an ever expanding belly is hard!

My top tips for styling the bump:

1. Size up. Instead of resigning yourself to the fact that you will be wearing frumpy maternity clothes for nine months, try finding regular pieces that, with a little extra room, will accommodate the bump! Obviously this doesn’t work for everything, but if you are like me and don’t want to miss out on wearing cute styles, give a bigger size a go first.


2. Tie up. T-shirts over bumps can tend to look a little daggy. Graphic tees are my everyday go-to, so instead of giving them up, I tied them in a knot over the bump (or tucked them into an over-the-bump skirt) I have a video here on my little trick for styling t-shirts over dresses too!


3. Stretchy everything. This is a no brainer, really! There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your clothes when pregnant, I mean you are already uncomfortable enough as it is, right?! Pretty much my whole maternity wardrobe revolved around stretchy skirts and dresses! I just went for a variety of colours and styles and played around with accessories to style them differently! And hot tip.. when you find something that is comfy and fits well, you buy it in all the colours!


For more bumpspiration.. you can check out my video on IGTV here featuring most of these looks too!


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  1. Ivana Split August 20, 2019

    Stunning pregnancy outfits dear. I also like your tips for styling maternity looks. Stretch fabrics are always a good choice.

  2. Jenelle August 22, 2019

    I swear for the most part, you did not even look pregnant! You did style your cute bump so well. Loved the skirts and tie up tee looks. Also, so excited for new posts!!! xx Jenelle | inspiringwit.com


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