Do’s and Don’ts of Pregnancy Skincare


Sharing my pregnancy skincare routine…

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From a young age I have always struggled with my skin, dealing with constant breakouts and an uneven skin tone. So naturally when I fell pregnant, I was pretty nervous about how my skin would react! I have heard horror stories about skin breakouts and changes during pregnancy and was not looking forward to it. (Just another one of the wonderful changes your body experiences while pregnant, I guess!)
I also knew that there are a few products that were off-limits when pregnant, such as Vitamin A but actually found it super difficult to find information on which products I could and couldn’t use. Luckily for me, I had the knowledgeable team at Mira Clinic on hand to help with all my pregnancy skincare concerns. The clinic has done a lot of research into treatments and products that are safe for pregnant women, so I knew I was in good hands.

My skincare treatments at Mira Clinic:

I went in for a consultation and learned that, in fact, there were still quite a few treatments that are suitable for pregnant women so I thought I would share a quick run down on some of the treatments and products that were recommended to me by Dr Andrew and confirmed 100% safe for use during pregnancy. Now obviously everyone’s skin is different so it is still advisable to have a consultation to work out what is best for your skins needs, but these are just the treatments that were recommended for me.
Before falling pregnant I was having regular HydraFacial‘s but unfortunately this one is not suitable during pregnancy due to the use of salicylic acid in the treatment (which is not recommended for use in pregnancy). So, we changed up my treatment routine and each month I would have a pregnancy peel, which was a fruit enzyme peeling mask, LED light therapy and a peptide boosting hydration mask. The results were amazing, leaving my skin looking and feeling fresh and smooth after each treatment!

My at home skin care routine:

I changed up my at-home skin care routine too. As I mentioned before retinol or Vitamin A is not safe for use during pregnancy, but Vitamin C and B are. So, I replaced my retinol serum with Dr Aspect Multi B Plus Serum and Dr Aspect Active C Serum. I also added in the Teoxane Advanced Perfecting Shield with SPF30 for the day and the Teoxane Advanced Filler for the night. The results: With a consistent in salon and at-home skincare routine and a side of pregnancy hormones, my skin is honestly the best it has ever been! Seriously hoping my new found clear and glowing skin continues to stick around!
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