Uniqlo Opens in Perth


Uniqlo has arrived in Perth, find out what I bought!!

Uniqlo-perth-outfit-rayon-polka-dot-dress-white-denim-jacket   Uniqlo-perth-outfit-rayon-polka-dot-dress-white-denim-jacket Uniqlo-perth-outfit-rayon-polka-dot-dress-white-denim-jacket Uniqlo-perth-outfit-rayon-polka-dot-dress-white-denim-jacket Uniqlo-perth-outfit-rayon-polka-dot-dress-white-denim-jacketUniqlo-perth-outfit-rayon-polka-dot-dress-white-denim-jacket Uniqlo-perth-outfit-rayon-polka-dot-dress-white-denim-jacket
Look 1:  Uniqlo Rayon Dress
Uniqlo White Denim Jacket
Look 2: Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans in Black
Uniqlo U-crew T-shirt in Light Grey
Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket in Black

Sometimes it feels like we are living in an isolated, desert land over here in WA. (Oh wait, we kind of are!) We always seem to be so far behind the rest of the world when it comes to accessibility to global brands. But that just makes it so much more rewarding when they finally come to our side of the world!

Uniqlo is one of those stores that previously I had only ever visited overseas. Although, I only got to go in store once or twice a year, it was definitely on my must-visit-and-stock-up-on-all-my-essentials list whenever I headed overseas! 
As you can imagine, when I first heard Uniqlo was going to finally be coming to Perth, excitement levels were high! The brand is renowned for their innovative, practical designs and most importantly their super economical prices. In particular their amazing Ultra Light Down range (which I have been wearing non-stop!), and their range of high quality, perfect fit tees. (OBSESSED!) Even though the store only opened here in Perth less than two weeks ago, of course I have braved the crowds and heading in (several times actually!) to stock up on all my faves.

My top picks from Uniqlo:

So most importantly, what did I buy at the new Perth store? 
Well, denim of course! Their ultra stretch denim jeans are so damn comfy that I couldn’t resist the perfect pair of black denim jeans. I also grabbed a white denim jacket, because if you can believe it, I actually didn’t own a white denim jacket until now! Expect to see this one a lot throughout the Spring/Summer season, as it is so easy to wear and works perfectly with all of the cute Summer dresses!
I also stocked up on their U-crew t-shirts in a couple of different colours. I felt like I had found the holy grail of everyday tees with this one. There are over 10 different colour options and the quality is so amazing, but without the crazy price tag! 
I did get a white button down shirt from their Rayon range too, (not shown above.. but no doubt you will see a lot of over on Instagram!) which fits like a dream and is so soft and easy to wear.. I’m always on the hunt for the ultimate white shirt and this one fits the bill perfectly!

As you can tell I am a big fan of the new store, any brand that can combine comfy, everyday basics with an affordable price tag is a winner in my book!
This post is sponsored by Uniqlo, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Ashleigh DMello September 17, 2018

    Looking gorgeous Em! Sooooo excited we finally have a Perth store! Will be dangerous for the old shopping habit, haha.
    I think I need to get my hands on this dress when I get in there next – looks like it’s going to be perfect for summer!

    Ashleigh x

  2. Jessica September 18, 2018

    Uniqlo is easily one of my favorite brands. They have really good quality in all their products. Airism collection is my new favorite, so easy and comfy to wear.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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