5 Tips to Creating a Wardrobe on a Budget


Making sure your outfit is on point even if your budget isn’t…



I’m wearing
Cotton On Jeans, 
Oversized Denim Jacket,
Black Sock Boots,
White T-Shirt
Circle Belt .

Budgets can be so…. boring. Creating a killer wardrobe on a measly budget may sound impossible, but I am here today to show you how it’s done. I was recently interviewed for an article with the Daily Mail (you can read it here!) about creating a wardrobe on a budget.. So today I thought I would share with you five simple tips to making sure your outfit is always on point, even if you budget isn’t!! 

Five tips for creating a wardrobe on a budget:


  • 1. My number one tip would be to research the sale patterns of your favourite stores.  For example, I know Missguided regularly has a 50% off everything sale (And actually they have a 50% off sale on RIGHT NOW!), so if I have my eye on something, I generally wait until then. You can check back occasionally at your fave stores before purchasing until you get an idea of what their sales are like or sign up to their newsletter to hear about their discounts.
  • 2. Build your wardrobe around neutral colours and good quality basics. Having a base made up of neutral colours, such as black, white, grey, beige and denim (yes, I consider denim a neutral!) is one way to ensure that the pieces in your wardrobe will be able to be worn together, which means you need to buy less!  As for your basics, try to ensure you are buying good quality pieces. I’m not saying you have to spend a whole heap on these but just do your research and make sure you are buying the best quality that you can afford. You want your basics to last!
  • 3. Use accessories to change up your look. Accessories are generally quite a cheap way to personalise your outfit. If neutral colours are not your thing, rather than buying a bright yellow coat, that is quite pricey and may only go with 10% of your wardrobe, use accessories such as a colourful scarf or a quirky bag to add some colour.
  • 4. Limit your impulse buys. Learn to really think before you make a purchase. Before you go shopping look in your wardrobe and see what you already have. Maybe try on a few things and make notes of pieces you feel like your wardrobe is missing. Don’t be afraid to head to pinterest or instagram for some outfit inspiration too! Once you have a clear idea of what you need, then head to the shops!
  • 5. When it comes to trends I would opt for cheaper alternatives. I am definitely one to jump on board with some trends, but unless I am fairly certain that the trend will last for more than a couple of seasons, I will generally go for a cheaper option when purchasing ‘trend’ pieces.

 Just to give you an idea of how I shop, everything in my outfit above is under $100 and most of it was purchased using discount codes. These Cotton On jeans (AKA my most favouritest pair of jeans ever!!) were $10 off when I purchased them, bringing them down to just $39.95. I have yapped on and on about this Cotton On style of jean before (tell me to shut up if you want!) and since I had already road tested them in another wash, I knew this pair would be a good buy too! My oversized denim jacket above was 25% off with the code: BFF, bringing it down to around $57.00 and while it is quite ‘on trend’, I have worn it a lot already and know it will be worn all through the Spring/Summer months too!

Are you a budget shopper? How do you stay stylish without spending a fortune?




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  1. Jenelle August 9, 2017

    good points Emily. I agree on building up from neutrals and accessorising. It’s more fun that way. Plus, denim can be a staple that doesn’t have to cost much. I like those brands who cut out the middle man like Grana, who have really good value ranges with excellent quality fabrics. That makes such a huge difference!

    xx Jenelle

  2. The Fashion Folks August 9, 2017

    These are all great tips!! Knowing when your favorite brand has their sale is definitely key. Love to find chic pieces (but also basics) for half the price or less. Also great idea to build the wardrobe around neutrals, they go a long way! Xx


  3. Neha walia August 9, 2017

    Loved the perfect tips, I myself follow a few of these already. Love the denim on denim look babe xx

  4. Vanessa August 10, 2017

    These are such great tips! I always love all of your posts, babe! You look so rad in this outfit I am obsessed with the denim!


  5. Natalie August 10, 2017

    I use denim as a neutral as well! Thanks for the great tips! I’m all about budgeting, but I love expressing myself with fashion, so this helps!

    Natalie | Natalie’s Alchemy

  6. Tamara August 10, 2017

    I go by all of your tips! Especially to save when it comes to trends rather than splurge on something you’ll probably only wear for a season or two!


    Tamara – LoveofMode.com

  7. Jessi Malay August 10, 2017

    People who say you can’t wear denim on denim clearly have not seen you style outfits, this look is so cute and chic girl!! Love it <3 And thanks for putting together that budgeting guide, so helpful!

    XO, Jessi

  8. Tina August 10, 2017

    I agree with every tip you shared! You are so good at making outfits look so chic using basics!


  9. Melanie August 10, 2017

    Your post is great and the tipps are awsome. It is good to organize the wardrobe well, especially with neutral colors. So it is easy to style outfits :-*

    Melanie / http://www.goldzeitblog.de

  10. Rina August 10, 2017

    You are so good at shopping on a budget! I definitely agree that it’s important to invest in timeless pieces and look for sales or discounts when it comes to the trends. Loving the casual Canadian tuxedo look you’ve styled above!

    Rina Samantha

  11. Siffat Haider August 11, 2017

    Girl, these tips are amazing! So true about impulse buying – I always like to think about 3 different ways I can style something before I buy it. That way I know it has a place in my wardrobe!

  12. Miki August 11, 2017

    Great tips. I don’t like to spend too much on trendy items that I think I will not wear past 2 years. I think cheaper options are always better for those as well.


  13. Rachel Holliday August 11, 2017

    Your double denim look is so on point babe! Those jeans are stunning- i love the raw seams- I would have never thought they only cost $40! Your tips are all fantastic- I think it’s always best to go for budget options with trend pieces and save for basics.

    Rachel xx

  14. yuka August 11, 2017

    Great tips babe! your double denim looks so good! one of the biggest tips I agree with is the no impulse buy rule! It gets me every time and I regret it!


  15. Merel August 13, 2017

    This look is awesome! I’m obsessed with the pants! <3

    X Merel

  16. Jessica August 14, 2017

    Couldn’t agree more with your tips, especially at #2. “Build your wardrobe around neutral colours and good quality basics.” Indeed, there are basics that are absolutely must-haves for our closet. Simple and neutral colors are also really easy to style and mix and match with others. Lovely boots by the way.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  17. Rita August 16, 2017

    This outfit is perfect! I am in love
    Gros bisous


  18. Amy Arnold August 18, 2017

    Such good tips! I love the idea of knowing stores sales, buying classic staples, and mixing it up with accessories.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  19. Varuna August 18, 2017

    Nice Outfit…

  20. Christina Marcella August 31, 2017

    This is a great article. I particularly loved the 5 tips at the end. All very useful in my opinion, but #4 is the best when you are on a tight budget.

  21. Mariann Yip October 24, 2017

    Loving this look, especially the denim skirt! http://mariannyc.com/2017/10/23/three-simple-ways-to-add-color-to-your-wardrobe/


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