How to Style Statement Sleeves in the Day


Make a statement with your daytime style..

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Wearing: Denim Shorts 
Black Statement Sleeve Top
Fringe Heels
Celine Tote

Photos by Billie + Peaches

Statement sleeves certainly do just that.. make a statement!! Yet, while they may seem a little OTT for the daytime, and truthfully some statement sleeves are not very practical, (have you tried eating with them?!) I definitely think they can work for the day.. it’s all about selecting the right type of sleeve, and how you style it of course!

I picked up this black bell sleeve top from Shein recently, I love that the fitted arms make the bell sleeve stand out so much without the need for a giant oversized sleeve. Don’t get me wrong.. I do love a giant oversized sleeve but they are more suited to a night time event or special occasion. 

Since the top is quite tight, I didn’t want to be wearing something fitted on the bottom too, so I paired it with my fave slouchy, boyfriend style denim shorts. Normally I would be tempted to chuck on a pair of sneakers to complete the daytime look, but I thought this style of top deserved a little bit more of a dressier option, so decided to go with these cute, low-heeled fringe heels that are super comfy and perfect for the day!

What do you think? Would you style a statement sleeve for the day?



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  1. Yara Mel March 23, 2017

    Wow this is such a beautiful outfit!
    The mix of elegance and casual was so well done! Lovely 🙂 Good photos too!

  2. Jenelle March 23, 2017

    This look is so you! The Celine is so stunning as well! May have to loan that one someday!
    xx Jenelle

  3. Margaret March 23, 2017

    I am so into this trend! Bell sleeves and bottoms are so retro and I love it! Thanks for the inspo!

    xx Margaret

  4. Miss Nev March 23, 2017

    That shirt is super cute! Love your style x

    Nev | Miss Nev

  5. Aria Di Bari March 23, 2017

    You are gorgeous! Love how you styled those sleeves!

  6. Abby March 23, 2017

    Love the top and the tote! So perfectly styled!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  7. Amy Arnold March 23, 2017

    Those shorts have the perfect slouchy fit! I feel like I can never find the right pair. The are ideal with your more fitted top like you said.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. Kumari March 24, 2017

    The bell sleeves are so 90’s just love love love
    Stunning pics hun x

  9. Christine Kong March 24, 2017

    I love this statement sleeve top but you are so right on with how impractical they are sometimes especially with eating and also doing dishes! But you can’t deny how pretty they are and how much of a statement they make in a look. I like that you styled them with casual cut off shorts and such cute heels. I would totally wear this look! xoxo, Christine

  10. yuka March 24, 2017

    I love how you wore shorts with such a statement top. Keeps things casual but dressy at the same time!

  11. Amy March 25, 2017

    Amazing style as always babe! Statement sleeves are one of my faves this season 🙂

    xx, Amy

  12. Camila March 25, 2017

    So stunning as always, that top is juts gorgeous and the shoes too!

    My Vogue Style |

  13. Dylana March 25, 2017

    Love the top!


  14. Michaela March 25, 2017

    So stunning and effortless <3

    Happy Weekend!



  15. sophie March 25, 2017

    I am personally a big fan of statement sleeves.You’ve got a great top and I love the bag and shoes too.Perfect outfit.

  16. Nikki Living Life March 25, 2017

    Love how you styled the bell sleeves with the denim shorts. Casual and chic. Love the combo.


  17. Dominique March 26, 2017

    The statement sleeve is one of my fave trends at the moment, you’ve styled it to perfection hun xx

  18. Zunera Serena March 27, 2017

    you look awesome in this outfit! xx

  19. Yuliya Oleynykova March 27, 2017

    I love how you put an extra effort in creating the casual daily outfits. I think it’s so important to be different, wear “better” things and make a statement – tell people about yourself through the things you are wearing. Love your top.

  20. Sarah-Allegra March 27, 2017

    I really adore your Statement sleeve top, Emily! You styled it really perfectly!

    xx Sarah-Allegra

  21. Nina Nguyen March 27, 2017

    I love everything!!! Sleeves, bag, and shoes- perfection!!
    xo- Nina

  22. Len Parent March 28, 2017

    Your bag is gorgs. Love this entire outfit! So perfect and flawless as always! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you are having a good week so far.
    much love, Len

  23. Vanessa March 28, 2017

    Loving the statement sleeves! You look so chic!
    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  24. Publicist in Pearls March 28, 2017

    This top is ah-mazing! Love those sleeves so much!

    xo, Jennifer

  25. Rina March 30, 2017

    I would not ever think to pair my statement sleeve top with denim shorts but I’m really loving how it looks on you! I’ll definitely need to try this once the weather starts to warm up a bit. Thanks babe!

    Rina Samantha


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