7 Tips to Help Deal with Stress


Sharing some quick tips on how to deal with stress in busy times…

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Wearing: Lace Shorts, Vintage Tee (Similar here), Leather Jacket (Similar here), Tony Bianco Heels.

In my ‘everyday’ life, things have been a little  a LOT stressful lately. Between packing and moving house, selling a house, building a house, cleaning all of said houses, moving house AGAIN and of course unpacking… it safe to say stress levels are at an all time high!! Not to mention my normal blogging/working/home life which if you asked me before all of this was already jam packed full with little to no time to spare as it was! (Thank goodness for my recent bali holiday to refresh a little, before getting right back into it!)

So, as I am now all moved in, finally have internet again (Alleluia!), am back to regular programming and feeling a little less under the pump,  today I wanted to share:  

Seven tips to help deal with stress…

1. Write everything down – When life gets hectic, your brain gets clogged with 1001 thoughts running around inside your head. Constantly thinking about the things you need to be dealing with can quickly increase stress levels. My number one tip would be to write all of these thoughts down as soon as they enter your head. That way you are not constantly dwelling on them causing stress to build up.

2. Make a list – Following on from my first tip, once you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, make a list. Write down what steps that need to be taken to complete a task and the time frame in which to do it… and when they are done, don’t forget to cross them off (nothing more satisfying than ticking off a to-do list, right?!)

3. Prioritise – Reality is.. sometimes doing it all is just not possible. As much as we want to push ourselves to get EVERYTHING done, unfortunately sometimes we have to let one of those things go in order to stay sane! Don’t beat yourself up over it, just do the most important things first and then try your best to get the lesser things done too. This one was definitely hard for me last week, with so much to do updating the blog was the thing that suffered, but it just couldn’t be helped and I had to prioritise the things that needed to get done first!

4. Don’t stress – Simple, right?! If only it was that easy!! What I mean, is don’t dwell on things. Make a decision, move on. Allow yourself to think about it for a limited time and then force yourself to move on, don’t keep coming back to the same thoughts over and over again.

5. Be Healthy – You know the drill, eat regular well balanced meals, avoid alcohol and ‘gasp’ caffeine, exercise daily, (even if a 20 min walk is all you can manage), or even better, a yoga class. Take the time to look after yourself and your body will thank you for it!

6. Take a mini break – Yes, it seems counter productive, but sometimes just getting away from it all is the best way to cope with stress. I tried and tested this particular tip last week and trust me, it was the best thing ever! In the lead up to heading to Bali  it seemed like really bad timing and pretty much the worst idea ever, (we literally got our keys for our new house the day before we left!) but while we were away relaxing by the pool, our house was being painted and the flooring was laid so that when we came back we were refreshed and ready to move again! Genius!

7. Go shopping – And lastly, my favourite way to de-stress, buy yourself something nice! When you look good you feel good so splashing out on a new pair of shoes or a pretty Summer dress is an instant mood lifter.

Have you tried any of these tips before? Did they work for you?



Photos by Jenelle Witty of Inspiring Wit.

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  1. Amy Arnold November 14, 2016

    Good tips! Writing everything down and making a plan is always top on my list. It sounds silly, but I like to get the quick easy things done first so I feel accomplished and have a smaller list. 😉 Love those shorts on you with the tee!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Siffat Haider November 15, 2016

    First off, I love your outfit. The juxtaposition between your edgy top and feminine shorts is so cool! Also, great tips. Getting away from it really helps for me – it just gives me a fresh perspective which is so important when dealing with stress!

  3. Raysa Garcia November 15, 2016

    I really love your outfit. I also love all these tips. So helpful!
    Thank you for sharing beauty!
    Xx, Raysa

  4. Kelsey Bang November 15, 2016

    those are the perfect heels! super cool look!


  5. Jessi Malay November 15, 2016

    This post is a lifesaver.. it’ll definitely help me out when I just have too many things going on in my life. Thanks so much for sharing babe 🙂

    XO Jessi,

  6. molly November 15, 2016

    Love those tie-up heels! So cute.

  7. TOUCHOFGUCCI November 15, 2016

    Great tips! Also love your outfit – very cute! x


  8. Jenelle November 15, 2016

    Breaks are important! Meditation helps me.
    Haha tip #7!!
    xx Jenelle

  9. Cielo November 15, 2016

    Your shorts are so so cute! Love it! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  10. tiffany November 15, 2016

    You look absolutely beautiful as always! Great tips and well wishes to you


  11. Stella Asteria November 16, 2016

    Such a greta post Emily! I am totally feeling you, I have been packing/moving house 4 times the last 10 months!! Writing everything down and making lists really helped through all of this (combined with work etc). I somehow neglected my health as I did;t have time to eat properly till it took it’s toll on me, but thankfully I am great now!
    Thanks for the great tips and you look amazing by the way! 🙂
    have a great week!

  12. Florentina November 16, 2016

    What a lovely outfit, love the combination and the leather jacket. Congratulations for this combination!
    Hope to see you soon. Have a great evening!
    Flo from https://femeieastazi.blogspot.it/

  13. Maggie November 16, 2016

    This is such a great post and so helpful!!


  14. alice November 16, 2016

    Love reading this.

    Alice Cerea

  15. Sharon Wu November 16, 2016

    Love your jacket and shorts! So cute! I have the same shoes and they’re actually one of my fave pairs haha xo, sharon


  16. Jennifer November 16, 2016

    Love your tips — so good! Also love your eyelet shorts!

    xo, Jennifer

  17. Cinddie November 16, 2016

    Great tips! #7 is really dangerous for me (or rather, my pocket!). I love your outfit by the way, and how you contrasted the band tee with the delicate eyelet!

    xoxo, Cinddie

  18. Christina Braccia November 16, 2016

    Such great tips! I love writing things down when I am stressed. Just checking things off my list helps so much.

    xo, Christina

  19. aicha November 16, 2016

    Love tips for stress, it’s so important to find that calm 🙂 Amazing post x

    Aicha | The Fashion Heist

  20. AGA November 16, 2016

    Loved your post! Perfect texture mix! The leather jacket is so beautiful!

    xx Aga

  21. jasna November 16, 2016

    Totally agree with your tips, I am also under hectic stress right now, so these helped thank you 🙂 xx

  22. Daria November 17, 2016

    The shirt is gorgeous!!!



  23. Amy November 17, 2016

    Great tips. Stress is the absolute worst – honestly anything you can do to relax and destress is a lifesaver (literally). Love this outfit too and thank you for sharing this post.

    xx, Amy


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