Baring It All

Baring it all for Winter…
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Wearing: Transit Clothing Top, One Teaspoon Bandits, Leather Jacket (Old – similar here), Betts Boots (Old – Similar here).

Is it just me or is there something so rebellious about getting your legs out in Winter? During the week when I am doing the school drop off/food shopping/working from home (you know all the exciting things in life), I am all about being warm and comfortable. My weekday uniform pretty much consists of jeans, sneakers and an oversized knit. So by the time it comes to the weekend, I have exhausted the knit/denim/sneaker ratio and am ready for something just a little bit more exciting. Not too exciting mind you, heading out to eat dumplings with the family does not call for a sequin mini skirt, but I guess I try to mix it up a little.. and that’s where bare legs come in. I love the combination of shorts or a skirt and boots or even a floaty long sleeve dress (mental note: must buy another floaty long sleeve dress ASAP) and boots… ok, actually just boots with everything!

My ever growing collection of One Teaspoon shorts now includes this black pair, which I think make the perfect addition for Winter. (Yes, black = winter appropriate! hehe) Also, can we a take a moment to appreciate the multi-tasking nature of the tunic top. The fact that they can be worn in so many different ways, paired with shorts/jeans/leather pants, layered under a jumper or even over a fitted dress.. all while adding an interesting edge to your look makes it a winner if you ask me! This beige cross-over tunic top goes so well with my black denim shorts and black leather jacket but next time I think I will style it with my neutral coat and white ripped skinny jeans for a lighter look!


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  1. Raysa Garcia May 30, 2016

    Legs for days babe! Love this whole look. So chic and edgy!
    Xox, Raysa

  2. Emma Engmark May 30, 2016

    Such a gorgeous top! This look is amazing.

  3. DEMELER May 30, 2016

    so lovely!

  4. Yuliya Oleynykova May 31, 2016

    This outfit is stunning from head to toe. I absolutely love jeans and a chocker top detail x
    Yukova by Yuliya Oleynykova

  5. The Ocean's Dock May 31, 2016

    Stunning look! That jacket is amazing and top is so beautiful! xx

  6. Sophie May 31, 2016

    I wish I had a growing collection of One Teaspoon shorts like you! Love them but kinda difficult to get your hands on in good old Germany. But lets get back to the outfit! I absolutely adore the top with the choker detail! And the color looks beautiful on you!

    Sophie xx

  7. Melis May 31, 2016

    obsessed with this look, it’s definition of chic girl! killed it!!

    xx Melis

  8. yuka May 31, 2016

    you definitely look like a rebel! and i love it!

  9. Tega Enai May 31, 2016

    Really cute outfit. Love the top and the chokers is beautiful..

  10. Anaivilo May 31, 2016

    I love the top and how it goes around the neck, it’s such a nice detail!
    Great styling, so edgy and cool! 😀

  11. Lera May 31, 2016

    I love this look – it’s edgy, and the pink floaty blouse adds a touch of femininity. I’m always anxious about baring my legs after winter.

  12. Laura June 1, 2016

    Beautiful styling. You look incredibly classy in these photographs and I do like the quirky top and little black jacket.

    Great teaming!

    Laura xo

  13. Alice June 1, 2016

    That’s so cool, love your style!

    Alice Cerea

  14. Jennifer June 1, 2016

    You look gorgeous! So chic!

    xo, Jennifer

  15. Meron Dymphana June 1, 2016

    You are hilarious Emilly, changing into something exciting and wearing shorts during winter are hiden jokes to me, don’t mind me. I love top, it screams so much edge and those boots are the epitome of cool. You look amazing!!

  16. Hailey June 1, 2016

    This outfit is beyond cool. I love everything, especially that top! The neckline is fab!


  17. Frederique June 23, 2016

    Loving your earrings!
    xx Frederique – FAB le Frique


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