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Enzyme Therapy: The lowdown…

You know when you find a person that you are sure comes into your life for a reason, well I feel that way about hair and beauty salons too. You sometimes just find one that gets you, you know. Etain Skin Clinic and Hair Salon came into my life at exactly the right time..

I recently came to the realisation that I wasn’t getting any younger… well actually, that’s just a fact, but I realised it was time I seriously started looking after my skin. As much as I tried to find ‘cheap’ skincare that actually worked, I decided that it is one area where quality shouldn’t be sacrificed. I made a promise that over time I would try to improve my skincare regime and really focus on maintaining youthful looking, healthy skin. My main concern over the last year or so has been the continued development of fine lines (eeeeekkkk!!) so I turned to the experts at Etain Skin Clinic and Hair Salon for help.

After a skin consultation, I trialled one of DMK‘s skin revision treatments, Enzyme Therapy. Sounds serious huh?! Well it was! Enzyme therapy works together with the skin to encourage it to be it’s best. Targeting the skin’s core it works to develop healthy vibrant skin from the inside. Rather than just placing a treatment over the skin that works on the surface, DMK’s products mimic the skins healthy functions to rebuild ‘healthy’ skin.

As you can see in the after pics, my pimples are slightly inflamed (which went away quite quickly) but my skin looks smoother. I have included some pics about one week after the treatment too, as after all my pimples cleared up, I noticed my skin tone was more even and the fine lines around my eyes had diminished slightly . Obviously, as with any treatment, more than one session is required for ultimate results, but I have definitely noticed a change in my skin.

There is hope for my wrinkle-free future after all.


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  1. Marina April 15, 2016

    Oh, I definitely know what you mean about salons and having a favorite. I have yet to find mine in Prague :/

  2. Christianne Cabangon April 15, 2016

    Love this post! This is nice.
    Xo, Christianne

  3. Federica Di Nardo April 16, 2016

    Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    The Cutielicious

  4. Raysa Garcia April 18, 2016

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.
    Kisses, Raysa

  5. Amber Shannon April 18, 2016

    Glad you got good results! Neat review!

    All the Cute ?

  6. Daniel April 18, 2016

    love this!

    Daniel x
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