All Black, Always

When in doubt, go for black..
All-black-flares-2 All-black-flares-4 All-black-flares-5All-black-flaresAll-black-flares-7 All-black-flares-10

 Wearing: Seed Singlet (Sold Out – similar here), Keepsake Flares (Sold Out – Similar here).

Photos by Billie + Peaches.

Helloooo from GOA, India. I am currently sitting in a beach front restaurant waiting for my lunch and thought I would take a moment to check in. I have actually been trying to update the blog for the last few days but between packing, flying (and nearly missing planes), chasing an internet signal and settling into the Goan way of life, there just hasn’t been any time! It is hard to believe that even on a relaxing holiday with literally nothing to do, your days are still packed full of activities (you know like.. eating, drinking, eating, swimming, eating again) from morning to night, #holidaylife.

This look was shot just before I left Perth, an all black outfit may sound boring in theory but personally it is one of my favourite outfit combos. For one it is super easy to colour coordinate (yep!), secondly it is fun playing around with different cuts and fabrics to add some interesting elements to an outfit. Flared sleeves/pants and ruffles or off-the-shoulder styles and tie-ups are some of my favourite details at the moment.

Anyway as I mentioned, I’m on a tight schedule here (the pool is calling) so I will check in again later! I have a few travel related posts coming up and of course, always more outfit posts!

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  1. Alice January 19, 2016

    What A COOL post, love your style!

    Alice Cerea,
    Alice Cerea blogger

  2. molly January 29, 2016

    Love this look…your style is amazing!


  3. Erin January 29, 2016


  4. Len Parent January 29, 2016

    You are sooo gorgeous! Love this look babe! WOW .. Have a fabulous weekend!
    Much love, Len

  5. Rakel January 30, 2016

    This is a great total black look! Love the pants, they look amazing!


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