Five Reasons Why I Love Coffee Scrub


Feauturing Fresh One Coffee Scrub.

I love you…

Coffee Scrub!!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..

1.) The incredible smell! (Coffee addict right here, can you tell?!)

2.) Caffeine is cellulite’s natural enemy! Enough said, right?! It provides antioxidants to the skin and tightens the area, leaving your skin looking firmer!

3. ) Coffee scrub exfoliates the skin and is a great to use to prepare for a spray tan (or any tan!) I use it the day before I am tanning to ensure an even tan!

4.) It moisturises and leaves the  skin feeling (and smelling) amazing!

5.) Regular use leaves skin brighter and evens out the skin tone!

What more could you want! Have you added a coffee scrub to your beauty routine yet?


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