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How to become a morning person… (Hint: It involves coffee)

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I’m not a morning person, AT ALL! I don’t know if my extreme dislike of mornings began before I had my daughter, or if it was a by product of those long sleepless nights (and the fear that I may never sleep again!) that has made me want to spend every available minute snoozing in the mornings. Whatever it is I have come to the realisation lately that those hours spent dreaming away in bed in the morning are being wasted! I have been finding that there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done, and as much as I Iove a good sleep in, I know that my days will be so much more productive with an early start!

So, these last few weeks I have been slowly starting to reset my body clock and get used to waking up early to make the most of the day. I have been trying a few things, and you know what, I think it might actually be working.. not that I am jumping out of bed with a smile on my face, (I may NEVER be that person!) but I am slowly starting to get used to early morning starts!

If you are wanting to become an early riser too, a few of my tips to help you out are:

Go to bed earlier. Hmmm seems like a no-brainer right? You don’t want to actually sacrifice on any sleep if you can help it, and I find that I am less productive in the evenings anyway so heading to bed a half an hour or so earlier should make that early morning start a little easier!

Start slowly. Don’t think that your body is automatically going to get used to waking up and hour or so earlier, if you gradually change your wake up time each morning over a few weeks, it will be a lot easier, trust me!

Start your day with a darn good cup of coffee. Freshly brewed coffee is my morning must, (honestly, nobody talk to me until after my morning coffee.. just ask my husband!)  at the moment Fresh One Coffee beans are my bean of choice! Mmmm coffeee..

Plan your healthy and delicious breakfast the night before.. it will give you something to look forward to, and if you are anything like me, food is always a good incentive to do anything! (A homemade bowl of granola with youghurt and fresh fruits is my current breakfast favourite!)

Make early morning plans, that way you have no choice but to jump out of bed the minute your alarm sounds..

Have a child who comes into your room every morning whinging that she is hungry/bored/awake etc… ok JUST KIDDING! Do not have a baby to make yourself a morning person!!

There you have it. I have been implementing these over the last week or two and am now waking up a whole half an hour earlier than I used to!! Go me! Another half an hour and I will officially be an early riser..

Let me know how you go on your quest to become a morning person, or if you have any other tips that might help me get out of bed in the morning!!

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