A Look at Clip-In Hair Extensions with Irresistible Me

You know what they say, a change is a good as a holiday… and I like to think that can extend to a change of hair too!
Irresistible-Me-Clip-In-Hair-extensions irresistible-me-ash-blonde-hair-extensionsirresistible-me-hair-zara-heelslong-hair

Recently I was asked to trial the Irresistible Me clip in hair extensions. Up until a few months ago, (when I finally admitted defeat and went for a big chop) I had been growing my hair for as long as I can remember, possibly since birth! I have never cut it, apart from a regular trim, but I recently had to face facts that my fine hair would never get me to Rapunzel status.. until now!!

I headed to the website and must admit, I was a little confused at first! So many choices… which colour, what length, which weight? Eeeep I had no idea! Luckily the website has lots of information as to how to select the right piece for you, including a detailed video running through all the colour choices and comparing them to other colours so you can get a better look! The ones I ended up choosing were the Royal Remy 22inch 200g clip ins in Ash blonde because I wanted to fulfill my long haired dreams, but there are lots of different lengths to choose from so the change doesn’t need to be as drastic as mine. They range from 14 inches to 24 inches and from 140g – 200g, so even if you just needed some extra thickness without adding length, there are options there!

I have used clip in extensions years ago, so I already had an idea of how to put them in. It is actually really easy and quite self explanatory really, (the thicker pieces go on the wider part of your head etc.) but if you are unsure of how to put them in there are so many  videos from other users on the website showing how to use them and also different ways to style them!

All in all my experience was great and I love my long luscious locks! The ash blonde colour matches my own hair perfectly and the hair is so silky and styles really easily, just like your own hair! Plus it literally takes me 10 mins to put them in so I can go from Emily to Rapunzemily in a matter of minutes…

Who would have thought buying hair would be so easy??


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