A Week of Events

Alana Rodrigues20661835531_ea3b9e3afb_o 20467131438_14bf946e6b_o 20655117805_2ed8700cce_o
Last week was a busy one..
Alana Rodrigues

Phew.. I just wanted to check in and let you know about a few of the events I have been to this last week. On average I will possibly attend one event a week but this past week has been packed full with something on pretty much every night! It can get a bit difficult to keep the blog updated with so many events so I have decided to do a bit of a roundup in today’s post.

Let’s start by flashing back to last Wednesday. I went along to the launch of designer umbrella label, Alana Rodrigues. The need for luxurious and stylish umbrellas has kindly been filled by ex Masterchef contestant, Kate Rodrigues. (Yep, she can cook as well!!) Super cute designs made from quality materials complete with a leather handle… now all we need is some rain here in Perth and the streets will full of these colourful patterned brollies!

Pinchos-leederville_MG_8620 Pinchos-leederville Pinchos-leederville  Pinchos-leederville

Thursday night saw me doing a mad dash straight from work to Pinchos in Leederville. I was invited along by the lovely Mon and Laura to a night of small bites and short films. We started our evening at Pinchos being fed plate after plate of delicious tiny tapas by passionate chef and owner, Justin Bell. Every dish that was lovingly prepared and presented to us was scrumptious! My personal favourite being the beef cheeks with cauliflower puree and I didn’t even know I liked beef cheeks until I tried these!

After filling our bellies we wandered over to the Luna Cinemas to see Get Your Shorts On, a collection of WA made short films as part of the Revelation Film Festival. I must admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the short films and honestly didn’t have very high expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. Every film was very different and really well executed… and as it turns out a 10-15 min short film is actually THE perfect length for my very short attention span! Short films may just become my new thing!

Uber-Perth20655302225_004ac7db67_o 20646132172_b08cc62114_o 20655341065_7055cf09a8_o Uber-Perth-First-Birthday
Lei Lei and I. Pic by The Social Pages.

Friday night was Uber‘s first birthday party. The ride-share company celebrated one year of driving around their happy customers from Perth in style. Another amazing DGPR success the night included free haircuts from Uncle Joes, the most stunning flower wall and a cheese platter to end all cheese platters.. mmm cheese!

PS. Nobody pay attention to the fact that I wore the same coat to two of these events (the third one I didn’t, I swear!). It was freezing last week and this long coat was just too warm to leave at home!!


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  1. What a hectic and fun set of parties and events you attended! You look super glam for all three of them! xo


    adorn la femme

    • Shedoes July 21, 2015

      Oh thank you! It was a very busy week.. but so fun! xx

  2. Michèle July 18, 2015

    wow. beautiful photos you’ve taken


    • Shedoes July 21, 2015

      Thanks my dear! So nice of you! x

  3. Gaby July 19, 2015

    Amazing pics and interesting post!
    Have an amazing sunday babe-

    Come and visit my blog if you want.

    • Shedoes July 21, 2015

      Thanks Gaby, so glad you liked it! You have a lovely blog too! xx

  4. Carine July 20, 2015

    Great pictures – looks like you attended some amazing events!

    • Shedoes July 21, 2015

      Thanks Carine! Yes.. They were all so good! xx

  5. khanhpi April 16, 2016

    Your post makes me so hungry. I love the way you captured those moments. 🙂

    Khanh | Best shoes for women 2016


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