Sunset Sounds at Bathers Beach House

Sunset view at Bathers Beach House in FremanteBathers Beach House sign

Ocean views and good food, what could possibly be better…

Emily Suresh at Bather Beach HouseFloral arrangementSunset at FremantleOyster platter at Sunset SoundsSunset over oceanPrawn platter at Sunset SoundsInterior at Bathers Beach HouseBeach view from Bathers Beach HouseSunset Sounds Sunset view at Sunset SoundsSunset view from Bathers Beach House

 Ahhh Winter really sucks.. nothing to do, no awesome events to attend, so boring.. right?? WRONG!
 It may be Winter but there is still so much going on in this little city! Take the latest event from Bathers Beach House in Fremantle, Sunset Sounds, for example.
I went along to the launch a few Saturdays ago (thanks Mon, for the invite!) and loved it!!
It was the first time visiting Bathers Beach House and I was so impressed with the whole concept. We have such beautiful beaches here in WA, and while beach front dining is hardly a new idea, there are not many places in Perth that utilise the amazing views (which I suppose is partly the reason why our beaches are kept so pristine in the first place so I shouldn’t complain!) There is just something so magical about sitting ocean-side while enjoying a meal though, right?
There is also a stunning upstairs space, where Sunset Sounds was held, with a bar, wrap around windows and balconies showcasing arguably the best ocean view in Fremantle!
If there is one thing I know, it’s that watching the sunset over the ocean never gets old and doing so while sipping on wine listening to awesome  tunes is pretty close to perfect in my opinion… as far as ideal events go, I think Bathers Beach House pretty much nailed it with this one!


Keep your eye on their Facebook Page to find out when the next Sunset Sounds is, you do not want to miss it!
Also, for more Winter fun check out some of these events happening in Perth over the next few months:

WinterlandPerth 4th- 20th July || Good Food and Wine Show 10th-12th July || Winter Garden 1st – 26th July.


  1. Mon June 12, 2015

    Gorgeous set of shots babe!

  2. Anja June 12, 2015

    so inspiring!

  3. alice June 13, 2015

    Have a nice weekend!

    Alice Cerea,

  4. Andrea Guzmán June 13, 2015

    I love your pictures, and you’re right winter it’s awesome!!

  5. Marianne June 13, 2015

    So beautiful. Love the views, enjoy every bit of it!


  6. antela June 13, 2015

    you look so classy!

  7. Adela Acanski June 13, 2015

    Great post! I love it!

  8. Nina June 13, 2015

    Your blog looks great. I love the photos.


  9. Mademoiselle Coconath June 15, 2015

    Beautiful pictures!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  10. alice June 17, 2015

    I really like it!

    Alice Cerea,

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  11. khanhpi April 16, 2016

    What a great trip. I love going to the beach so much !! Hope to see more trips from you too. xx

    Khanh | Best shoes for women 2016


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