Tuesday Nights at The Brisbane Hotel

The Brisbane HotelThe Brisbane Hotel - Beef tortilla

Tuesday nights at The Brisbane Hotel will not disappoint!!

The Brisbane Hotel - Eye filletThe Brisbane HotelRed and white wineThe Brisbane HotelThe Brisbane Hotel - chicken liverThe Brisbane Hotel - share platesLazy Susan's Comedy Den

It is so easy to get caught up in the dreariness of Winter, hibernation mode kicks in and even the thought of moving seems like too much effort, especially when it’s moving away from the heater! However a few weeks ago, on  a Tuesday night no less, I pushed past all of that and ventured out to The Brisbane Hotel for dinner, drinks and as it turned out, loads of laughs. 

If there is one thing you can rely on at The Brisbane Hotel, it’s good food (and drinks, obviously!*) I have been frequenting The Brisbane Hotel for a good number of years (longer than I care to admit, actually) and am never disappointed by the food or the service for that matter!
We started the evening with a selection of their share plates, beef cheek tortillas, mushroom and mozzarella arancini balls and the famous homemade sausage rolls. (SO GOOD!)
Quick confession: I don’t eat seafood or most meats so you can pretty much guarantee I will be ordering the chicken dish whenever I head to a restaurant! In this instance I ordered the grilled spring chicken for my main, which I was informed was like a deconstructed chicken caeser salad. (Obviously, I requested no anchovies!) The chicken was beautifully cooked and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole dish. I do love a good salad too and the crispy pancetta and crouton additions were just right. Nev ordered the eye fillet which was served with an italian coleslaw. He informed me that it was cooked to perfection and that the addition of a fresh salad was a very delightful* change to the usual steak and veggies. (*Ok, maybe they were my words, not his!)

A few wines and a whole lot of food later we headed upstairs to The Brisbane’s own comedy venue: Lazy Susan’s Comedy Den for Shapiro Tuesday, a night of ‘experimentation and comedy chaos’. First time comedians or veterans testing out new material take to the stage meaning that anything could happen!! At only $5.00 entry it was definitely value for money and the perfect way to spend a Tuesday night!

*Even their house wine is handpicked from local wineries to ensure a delicious easy drinking drop, how thoughtful!

The Brisbane Hotel – 292 Beaufort St (Cnr Brisbane St), Highgate. 


  1. Tariro May 26, 2015

    That looks like the coolest place ever, and the food looks so delicious. I’m a huge fan of tacos, and the minute I saw those on your plate I instantly got hungry for tacos lol.

    Peppermint + Ivy

  2. thriftylilpixie May 28, 2015

    The food looks incredible!


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