Top 20 Black Boots for Winter

Black boots for Autumn/WinterBlack boots for Autumn/Winter

20 of the very best black boots for Winter..

From Top to Bottom: 1. Bronte Boot  2. Georgia Zip Boot  3. Lakes Boot  4. Athens Boot  5. Karina II  6. Zeppelin Boots  7. Metz Boots  8. Orangesky Boots  9. Harlow Ankle Boots  10. Fuji Boots  11. Kelsey II  12. Harmoine Ankle Boots  13. Bailey IV  14. Padma Ankle Boots  15. Jakarta Boot  16. Sandy Zip Boot  17. Louey Boots  18. Addison Boot  19. Dorky Boot  20. Harper Ankle Boot.

 Even though we are still in the final weeks of Autumn it seems Winter is well and truly on it’s way. It has been a chilly 6 degrees (that’s considered freezing here in W.A) most nights this past week and the days have been cool enough to finally make me realise it’s time to get organised!
At the very top of my ‘shit Winter is coming whether I like it or not’ list is a pair of black boots, the number one Winter essential if you ask me. I actually bought the comfiest pair of black boots early last year and practically lived in them throughout the whole of Autumn and Winter, (actually through Spring and a little bit of Summer too.. I found it hard to let go!) So much so in fact, that this year I am on the hunt for another pair of perfect black boots!! 

I have put together a selection of the very BEST pairs of black boots I have found, with prices ranging from $49.95 – $295.00, and heel heights ranging from ‘day to night’ there is surely something for everyone. 


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  1. Dylana May 11, 2015

    All of these boots are super wonderful!



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