My Top Five AW15 Trends

Grady Wulff at Enex 100 Aw15 runwayEnex 100 Aw15 runway

Five of my favourite Winter trends, as seen at the Enex 100 AW15 runway..

White outfit and camel coat AW15All white Winter outfitHigh neck styles for AW15 at Enex 100 runwayEnex 100 Aw15 runwayEnex 100 AW15 shopping party

A couple of weeks ago Enex 100 held their AW15 shopping party, which included a runway preview of the best Autumn/Winter styles from their current retailers. As it was the first AW15 runway show I have been to, I paid particular attention to the reoccurring trends that were sent down the runway, mainly to help get my own Winter wardrobe sorted, but also to share with you my favourite trends!!

My top five styles for AW15 are:

– All white: White is traditionally a colour reserved for the long hot sunny days of Summer, (oh how I miss thee!) but this year, by adding a bit of texture and warming up the white tones, all white Winter styles are set to be very popular!


– Camel coat: The camel coat is still King! This long time Winter staple lives to see another season, the only difference this year being that the hemlines have gotten closer to the ground, as the longer length coat seems to be taking over.

– Co-ord: Matching outfits are here to stay, at least for another season! There is something so sophisticated about wearing a matching outfit. Make it Winter appropriate by choosing darker colours and longer length styles and layering with a coat or vest.

– Pastels: Again not what you would call a traditional Winter trend, but definitely one I am happy about! I love pastel colours and am excited to see Winter wear in gorgeous baby pink and pastel blue colours. 

– High necklines – The turtle neck is not only the most stylish neckline of the season, but it is also the most practical! Have you ever felt cold while wearing a turtleneck? I think not!

All the styles pictured above are available at Enex 100, Hay St Mall, Perth.


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  1. Orryginal May 21, 2015

    I love the coat in the 3rd pictures! Really good pics!


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