A Day Out with The Boulevard Hotel

Wearing Boohoo high neck top and Bardot white skirt
Senso Riley heels in Leopard print
Out and about with The Boulevard Hotel..
Flower decorations at The Boulevard's Day Out
Little Miss Mon Bon pouring a drink Monique from Little Miss Mon Bon
Salmon and quinoa tapas
Trumpet player at The Boulevard's Day Out Flamingo and croquet sticks
The boulevard's day outSpeed croquet event at The BoulevardWhite flower decorations Quiche bites from The Boulevard Hotel
Wearing: Boohoo High Neck TopBardot Skirt, Senso Riley Heels.

Photos by me, Monique from Little Miss Mon Bon and Cheyne Tillier-Daly.

I was going to name this post ‘What to Wear to Croquet’ but realised a) I am possibly the only person who would wear heels (and a skirt!) to play and b) I am possibly also one of the only people in my age demographic who has played croquet! So, perhaps a croquet-style-lesson is not appropriate here…
One thing I can confidently tell you about croquet though (or rocketball – speed croquet) is that it’s fun! The Boulevard Hotel hosted the BLVD’s Day Out at the local croquet club a few weeks ago and I went along not really knowing what to expect. It turns out a fast paced game of croquet accompanied by delicious bites and free flowing champagne is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! 
Completely unbeknownst to me (and the rest of the team!), I also discovered I was a natural! (Possibly the couple of Veuve Clicquot’s beforehand helped things along!!) See the excitement and disbelief captured perfectly above as I actually managed to hit the ball through the hoop. A natural I tell you!

The Boulevard Hotel often hosts fun events incorporating their impeccable food and quality beverages,  in fact they are holding their Brews in the Beer Garden market tomorrow and the hubby and I will be heading along.. and let me tell you after the crazy busy week I’ve had,  I am definitely looking forward to it!!

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  1. Konstantina Antoniadou April 21, 2015

    seems like you had a great time! I am in love with your shoes



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