SUP with Surania

SUP at Palm Beach
Stand up paddle boarding
Road testing my newest bikini, custom designed by me at Surania..
Palm Beach, Rockingham
SUP lessons
Wearing Surania stripe bikiniEmily S on the board
Close up of bikini top by Surania
Paddle Boarding
Emily on the BoardStripe balconette bikini
Boat on the water
Balconette top close up
Bikini designed at Surania
Wearing: My own bikini design from Surania.

Happy Australia Day (for yesterday) to all my fellow Aussies! I hope everybody enjoyed the long weekend here in OZ! 

Way back at the start of the long weekend, bright and early Saturday morning, me and a lovely bunch of coconuts bloggers headed to the tranquil Palm Beach in Rockingham to take part in a stand up paddle boarding lesson with the awesome people at WASUP (Western Australian Stand Up Paddle).
I had been hearing more and more about this addictive water sport and even though I was really keen to give it a go, I was also fairly nervous about paddling out into the ocean while standing on a board. Turns out I shouldn’t have bothered with the worrying because not only was it so much fun, it was also surprisingly easy! We even attempted some of the more ‘advanced’ moves such as the double up paddle (not the technical name!!) and participated in the inaugural WASUP Cup.* 

I wore my current favourite bikini, which I custom designed myself at Surania. I absolutely love the idea of designing your own bikini, as someone who doesn’t really rate bikini shopping as a whole lot of fun (who does?!), the whole Surania experience was so enjoyable! Choosing the exact cut and style that I like plus picking the pattern and colour for every section meant the bikini was exactly what I wanted!! AND the bikini was tailor-made using my precise measurements… Gasp!! A bikini that actually fits your body! (insert raised hands emoji here!) So very impressed. (can you tell?!)
* For a good laugh, you can check out the video here. Adelle and I are the uncoordinated pair that spend more time off the board than on! 

Spoiler alert: We lost! 

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