Pure Glow Cleanse Juice Review

Pure Glow Cleanse one-day juice cleanse
My review of  the one-day juice cleanse by Pure Glow Cleanse.
Today I have something a little different for you, a review of the one-day juice cleanse by Pure Glow Cleanse
I took on the juice cleanse ‘challenge’ just before Christmas, not to lose weight but to give my digestive system a bit of a clear out. I have been wanting to do a cleanse for a while as even though I generally have a healthy diet, I do enjoy indulgences such as chocolate and alcohol occasionally and I think it is important to rid our bodies of toxins every once in a while!
I know everybody will experience the cleanse differently as every body is different, so I just wanted to give you a bit of an idea about my normal lifestyle/diet. I try to eat as healthy as possible, and most days consist of six or seven small meals including lots of salad and vegetables, and I always have one or two green juices/smoothies per day. I also exercise around five times a week. Oh, and I think it is important to add that I have a strong coffee every morning without fail and numerous cups of green tea throughout the day. 
The Pure Glow Cleanse 1-day cleanse is made up of six cold pressed juices, made using the highest quality ingredients selected to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it requires. While on the cleanse it is advised to only consume the juices provided along with as much water and herbal tea as you like. I didn’t really do any preparation for the cleanse apart from cutting down on my morning coffee size. (I went from having  a double shot to a single shot!)

Sunrise ElixirClose up of the juices from Pure Glow Cleanse

The first juice of the day was the Sunrise Elixir. It had a very strong lemon flavour, which I quite liked but was not very filling, being that it is made up of basically water and lemon. I found that I was still quite hungry even after I sipped it slowly and had to force myself to wait two hours to drink the next one. 
Glowing Greens was the next juice on the menu and I really enjoyed the thickness and taste of this one. I think the addition of avocado in this juice gave a nice creamy texture and definitely helped with the hunger! 
Now I have to admit that while I was no longer feeling hungry by about lunchtime, I had a pounding headache and was so tired I could barely function, in fact after my daughter went down for her midday nap, I actually lay down and napped for an hour or two as well. (Just to explain how much of a big deal that was for me I need to point out that I do not nap. I just can’t seem to sleep during the day. Ever. The last time I recall attempting a daytime nap was when my daughter was six days old, and even then I struggled!) 
So, I found it quite interesting that my body seemed to shut down without the regular amount of food/caffeine it was used too. Also, due to my tiredness, I couldn’t even think of doing my daily workout in the evening. (Another very rare occurrence, because during the week I will exercise most days no matter what!)

Flatlay featuring Chai Vaniilla DreamFlatlay featuring Good Karma juice
When I woke at about 2:00pm I had my next juice, the Green Guru, probably my favourite out of the three green juices as it tasted very similar to how I make my own green juices. The addition of mint and apple made it sweet and refreshing. 
For the rest of the day, I wasn’t actually hungry at all but found myself really missing eating food! (What can I say, I love food!) It was a bit of an eye opener for me too, because it made me realise how much of my day is spent thinking about food. (Let’s just say, a lot!!) 
For ‘dinner’ I had the Good Karma juice, I enjoyed this juice as it was a bit of a different flavour from the previous three. All still had a very strong citrus flavour though, so I was actually a little bit sick of the tangy taste by the time I finished this one, for that reason (and the fact that I wasn’t hungry) I skipped the Buddha Juice (which I drank the next morning – and enjoyed! The lime, mint and apple combined to give the juice a nice zing) and went straight for the Chai Vanilla Dream later that night, which was my favourite juice of the cleanse and the perfect way to end the day.
Buddha Juice
All in all I found the juice cleanse fairly easy to get through as I wasn’t hungry at all for most of the day, the only factors that affected me were my extreme tiredness and constant headache, which I believe had more to do with the lack of caffeine than anything else.
I think doing just the one-day cleanse was perfect for me, I don’t think I would be able to handle three days without eating food, but perhaps if I had continued cleansing for three days I may have noticed a difference on day two.
  As I said, I wasn’t trying to lose weight so I didn’t weigh myself or notice any weight loss, the most noticeable effect for me though was that after doing the cleanse, I have not been feeling as bloated as I was, so a definite positive for me there. Also, it helped with my willpower to know that I was able to stick to the cleanse and even managed to resist the most amazing looking cupcakes. (I went to an event the night of the cleanse and was pretty impressed that I managed to resist all the delicious food and wine on offer!)  
I will look at doing another cleanse in the future as it is something I think we should do regularly but I will have to prepare myself a little more by perhaps eliminating caffeine in the lead up! 

Pure Glow Cleanse also offer a 3-day cleanse and a juice six pack, along with the 1-day cleanse, all of which are available on their website.


Have you tried a juice cleanse before? Let me know how you went!

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  2. Shoshana January 6, 2015

    Sounds interesting. Happy New Year!


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    This juice cleanse is the perfect thing to do after holiday season indulgences! Sounds great. And I’m lusting after that black & white spotted handbag in your pictures!


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